Boss Monster Location / Drop

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Boss Monster Location / Drop

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 29, 2016 9:15 pm

Boss Monster Changes
All Boss HP has been increased so others cannot spawn kill it.
All Boss Monster will drop 6 random items
Boss Monster Location
-Aida 2 155, 235 / 127, 135
Arena 97,5 / 5, 10
Selupan (Gate of Hatchery Event)
173, 24 and go inside the portal
-Wait for the Hatchery announcer to pop up
--Gate of Hatchery will close in 5 Minutes (This means the Selupan will Spawn
Boss Monster Drop
-Selupan will drop 380 Weapons (Full option / +9 - +13 ), Sphere Level 5, Skills, Bundle of Jewel and Soul
-Kundun will drop 380 Armors (Full option / +9 - +13), Sphere Level 5, Bundle of Creation and Chaos
-Medusa will drop exclusive weapons (Full option +9), Sphere Level 5, Bundle of Guardian and Gemstone, Talisman of Luck and Talisman of Chaos Assembly.
-Medusa spawn - 3 hours
-Kundun spawn - 4 hours
-Selupan spawn - 5 hours


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